Verizon 4G LTE nationwide outage confirmed, limited 3G service

So it turns out that Verizon's 4G LTE network isn't only down in the Midwest region only, as we originally reported. Verizon has confirmed that 4G LTE is undergoing a nationwide outage at the moment, and that their engineers are working on the outage as we speak. Calls, texts and 3G should be working for the time being for some areas, although 3G is "limited", as some customers have reported their devices operating on either 3G or having no data service at all. It's kind of a bummer for what boasts the fastest network speeds in the nation.

We can confirm that 4G LTE coverage has been down in the Midwest, specifically users in and around Chicago, lower parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa, have been all undergoing connectivity problems with their data service on smartphones, tablets, and Wi-fi hotspots. Also, I can confirm that LTE coverage has been down the whole day since the morning in Northern California, and 3G service has only been rolling in a couple hours ago – hope 4G is back up soon.

Until the 4G network is fixed, the best that LTE users can do is monitor the Verizon Wireless Support Twitter account over at @VZWSupport for updates, and we'll definitely keep you in the loop when Verizon announces a fix or something of that sort very soon, hopefully. I'm sure that 4G smartphone owners sorely miss those lightning-fast LTE speeds.

[via VZWSupport]