Verizon: 2.7m iPhones and 2.9m Android devices sold in Q2 '12

Here's an interesting little tidbit out of Verizon's Q2 conference call today: the company sold 2.7 million iPhones in the second quarter, and 2.9 million Android devices. The iPhone figures are down slightly compared to Q1, where the carrier sold 3.2 million iPhones. That's to be expected this long after the launch of the latest generation iPhone, but Android seems to have held steady, selling 2.9 million devices last quarter.

To be precise, 2.9 million LTE devices were sold in the first quarter, including tablets, but the carrier only has Android-based LTE devices right now. The number may have remained steady for this quarter, but we imagine it will increase in the third quarter thanks to the recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III and the popularity surrounding the device.

As for Verizon's other financial results for this quarter, the company saw an increase in revenue to $18.6 billion and a jump in income margin to 30.8%. The carrier added 1.2 million new subscribers, 888,000 of which were postpaid, beating analysts' expectations which put the number around 600,000. Half of Verizon's customer base are now using smartphones, up from 47% last quarter.