Venzero Unveils LilOne PMP

Benjamin Nied - Jul 10, 2006

Portable media players are everywhere today, since these devices are one of the new must-have gadgets around. While some might consider the Venzero LilOne to be a bit of a wimp in the world of PMPs, the device is not without its place in the world. Sporting a 6 GB micro hard drive, the LilOne isn’t shy of features, allowing users to play both video and audio (and pictures too, but who uses those anymore?) in its tiny 1.5-inch, 262,000-color screen.

The device, like the other players in Venzero’s “One” line, comes with a feature called “MusicMarker” to help you find and buy music found on the radio, meaning you’ll never be hard-pressed to remember obscure song titles ever again. The device isn’t available as-yet, but with a 20-hour battery and a $250 price point, it might just be worth looking into once it comes out. Granted, it can’t take the place of a full-sized PMP, but if you need a small PMP for everyday usage, this might be a good place to start.

[via dapreview]

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