Ventev EcoCHARGE wall charger launches

Many people are realizing that they are wasting lots of electricity when it comes to charging their mobile devices with plain old wall chargers. These chargers consume the same amount of power whether or not your phone is plugged into them. Ventev has announce its new energy-efficient charger called the EcoCHARGE.

The EcoCHARGE is called the most advanced energy-efficient charger on the market by the maker and the device has an Energy Star 5-star rating. The big feature of the charger is that it is designed to eliminate vampire power draw. This is what it is called when the charger consumes power when it is not in use.

The charger is set to ship in April and will come in two versions. One has a micro USB charger and the other has a mini USB charge cable. Both of the chargers have a hidden USB port for charging devices like the iPhone. When the charger isn't needed, it disconnects itself from the AC power to conserve energy. The EcoCHARGE has a standby load of only 0.03W compared to some chargers that have 0.30 or higher energy use when not being used. Both varieties of the charger will sell for $29.99.