VendScreen gives boring plain vending machines touchscreen coolness

Shane McGlaun - Sep 22, 2011, 9:04am CDT
VendScreen gives boring plain vending machines touchscreen coolness

Clearly one of the places that Japan has surpassed the US in the tech world is in the hotly contested vending machine market. In Japan, vending machines are high tech with touchscreens and they hand out things like hot soup rather than cookies, soft drinks, and chips like we are stuck with in the US. That can all change though with the VendScreen retrofit touchscreen.

This screen turns those boring vending machines with mechanical push buttons we see everywhere around the country and makes them into touchscreen units like the Japanese get to play with. The screen is called the VendScreen and it can retrofit existing machines and is available for integration into new machines as well.

The VendScreen does more than let you pick a snack though, it can also offer advertising. The VendScreen even supports cashless payments and refunds and can show nutritional information for snacks. The screens can also allow the vending machine company to get information on what sells the best in a certain location and can schedule a route when it shows inventory is low.

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