VeloMini Electric Folding Bicycle Has Top Speed of 12mph, Costs More Than it Should

When it comes to electric-powered vehicles, we know that they're still at such a premium, that usually the price tag will follow suit. In the case of the VeloMini electric bicycle, that's certainly the case. Though, that's not saying that the little bike isn't worth taking a look at. We've seen bikes that can fold (and even fold around a lightpole), but this one's unique in that it's powered by electricity. And, considering the focus on doing something for the environment, that's certainly not a bad thing.

Not that a normal bicycle is bad for the environment, but you get the idea. Who wants to just pedal around forever, right? Having a 180 watt motor underneath you isn't that bad of a deal, at all. While it can only power you along at a top speed of 12mph, that's better than nothing, right? And when you get to where you want to go, you can fold the bike up to a small 18". It will fold up compact enough that you'll actually be able to fit it into something with the comparable size of a guitar case. Though, we don't recommend trying to shove it into your guitar's holder — probably won't work out. Just doesn't have the shape.

But, let's get down into what gives the VeloMini some juice, shall we? While that motor will be pushing you along, it will draw its power from the 24v, 6AH lithium ion battery. If you drain the battery, it will only take about three hours to fully charge, when it's plugged into a power source directly. Which isn't bad at all. Of course, it still is a bike, so if you're not into getting powered along for whatever reason, at any time, you can turn off the engine and just use the pedals. Or you can do both, if you want that little extra burst of speed. Now, for the price. At $995, it may be too steep for some folks out there to pull the trigger on. But, it does have that obviously metal frame, and it can fold up to fit into a space that you need it to. Still, dropping $1,000 to get this may just be too steep. What do you think?

[via GizMag]