Velocity Micro and JRTI offer new visual supercomputing workstations

NVIDIA has been pushing its Tesla line of products, which are basically rebranded video cards, very hard in the professional market as a GPGPU. Many processes that used to run on CPUs in the world of computing are able to run much faster using the highly multiple core Tesla GPGPU.

Boutique computer maker Velocity Micro and James River Technical (JRTI) have announced that new computers offered under their expanded Accelerated Computing initiative are now available. The new systems include the VSC135+ and the VSC255. The VSC135+ is an entry-level machine with an Intel Core i7 CPU running at 4GHz and support for up to three NVIDIA GPUs.

The VSC255 is the most robust NVIDIA Tesla machine that Velocity Micro offers. The machine runs on dual Intel Xeon 5500 CPUs and supports up to four Tesla C1060's. The VSC255 starts at $5,995 and the VSC135+ starts at $2,299. Both machines are available now.