Vega not in vogue at pocketables

SlashGear loves reviewers that tell it like it is – whether that be waxing lyrical about the latest must-have product to steal their heart, or heaping scorn onto flawed and fail-worthy rubbish.  So it's good to see Jenn over at pocketables pulling exactly zero punches in her review of the Vega UMPC, Raon Digital's WinXP-running handheld PC with a 4.3-inch passive touchscreen. 

Despite lacking internal WiFi or Bluetooth, the Vega has managed to score pretty well in past reviews, so if there's any overall lesson to be learnt here it's that the success of any mobile device is vastly dependent on the needs and lifestyle of the individual using it.  Jenn criticises the no-longer-competitive price ($879 from Dynamism, in her case), sub-par text-entry methods, unattractive design and poor performance as an impromptu laptop-replacement.

The USB WiFi adaptor Raon Digital supply does the job, but it's not exactly an aesthetically pleasing or convenient solution – seriously, couldn't they find a more suitably shaped device?

Review: Raon Digital Vega [pocketables]