Vatican releases eRosary gesture-based wearable with an app for prayer

Brittany A. Roston - Oct 16, 2019, 1:59 pm CDT
Vatican releases eRosary gesture-based wearable with an app for prayer

The Catholic Church is targeting younger generations with the launch of its own wearable device: the ‘Click to Pray eRosary.’ Yes, that’s its full and proper title. This smart wearable, as the Vatican calls it, combines a connected bracelet with an app to help the faithful pray for world peace. The wearable is designed to look like a beaded bracelet with a cross in the middle.

It may sound like a joke, but the eRosary was officially announced by the Vatican on its website. The Click to Pray eRosary is worn like any other bracelet, but it hides tech in a thick metal cross that enables it to detect movement and connect with a smartphone. When the user makes the sign of the cross using the hand with the bracelet, the wearable is ‘activated.’

The device’s companion app offers access to what the Vatican says is a mixture of personalized content, exclusive images, and an audio guide related to praying of the Rosary. The Catholic Church hopes the device will introduce youngsters to the Rosary and the wider gospels.

Whereas most wrist wearables are made with aluminum and other notable metals, the Vatican’s new eRosary features hematite and black agate rosary beads and a ‘smart cross.’ Users can make the sign of the cross to activate it, then choose either a contemplative Rosary or the standard prayer. The wearable and app keep track of the user’s progress and marks each session as completed once the prayer is over.

The Vatican is apparently anticipating success with the eRosary — it says it plans to release new versions with different ‘thematic rosaries’ every year going forward. According to Catholic News Agency, the eRosary costs $109 USD, is compatible with Android and iOS, is water-resistant, and can be ordered through the Amazon Italy website.

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