VanMoof V e-bike 'hyperbike' goes up to 31mph

The VanMoof V was revealed today with an eye on replacing traditional automobiles with electric bicycle tech. This "hyperbike" has what VanMoof describes as "integrated speed settings to match country regulations" – so don't expect to be BLASTING down the road if your country of choice isn't onboard with a bicycle traveling at a maxed-out 31 miles per hour. This bicycle is part of a VanMoof "invite-only reservations" system that'll have the reserving individual pay $20 to hold their spot.

The VanMoof V electric bicycle has a 700 Wh internal battery with two motors. The bike's dual motor configuration works at up to 1 kW "depending on configuration." This bike is crafted for individuals between the heights of 5ft 5in and 6ft 8in.

This vehicle has both front and rear suspension, a "robust" aluminum frame, and what VanMoof describes as "thicker tires" (than previously released VanMoof bikes.) The VanMoof V works with Kick Lock and automated gear switching, with Turbo Boost tech (as seen in previously released e-bikes from VanMoof.)

VanMoof expects that deliveries of this bike will begin by the end of the year 2022. We still have a significant amount of time between now and the point at which we'll have absolutely final specifications and release details.

Despite this, we can get the general idea from the release event video shared above and the current industrial design illustrations provided by VanMoof. Now we'll just have to cross our fingers and hope that the end product is everything it appears to be today.

If you've been given an invite by VanMoof, you can (likely) pre-order today for a price of $20 USD. Those average everyday "wider audience" individuals will be able to check the webpage where reservation codes will be shared "periodically" via a separate waitlist. The expected full retail price for the VanMoof V is $3598 USD.