Valve enables paid mods in Skyrim workshop

Gamers who love Skyrim aren't happy at all with Valve right now and many of these unhappy gamers are the ones who have ill feelings about Steam to begin with. Steam has happily announced that it has support in place to allow paid mods on the Skyrim Workshop. Before this pay wall went into place, mods were a thing freely shared between maker and gamer.

Valve says that most games that allow users to sell mods are curated by Valve, which means only certain mods were allowed to be offered. Skyrim will be the first game to have an open mod market meaning anyone from massive developers to individual geeks sitting at home can build and sell their mods.

To facilitate the pay wall, Valve has updated Skyrim and the Creation Kit with new features to support paid mods, including the ability to upload master files. Valve has added more categories and removed file size limitations as well.

This turn of events hasn't sat well with gamers at all. In fact there is already a petition up on calling for Valve to remove the pay wall features. The one possibility with the paid mods that might be good is that better mods that take more time to create could be made by devs since they can make money. The big fear is that all mods go paid leaving nothing for gamers to play for free.