Valve confirms Index VR headset will start shipping in June

Following months of rumors, Valve teased its own virtual reality hardware called Index late last week. A Steam product page for the VR headset leaked soon after, and now Valve has confirmed its launch plans for the product, stating that it will fully unveil the Index VR headset on May 1 and launch it for purchase later on this summer. Pre-orders are expected to start next month.READ: Valve Index teased for May — Valve's own VR headset

Earlier today, Twitter user "Wario64" published a tweet containing a Steam store link that directed users to a product page for the upcoming Valve Index VR headset. That link now redirects to the Steam homepage, but screenshots remain detailing the product alongside a June 15 availability date.

The page was clearly not supposed to be live yet — it included placeholder Lorem ipsum text — but a few details were present. Based on that listing, the Valve Index features built-in headphones, support for DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.0, and it will ship with a pair of face gaskets and cleaning cloth. The headset will be joined by Knuckles controllers and a Base Station.

Valve confirmed to Road to VR that the leaked product page 'is accurate' and that the company is planning a full unveiling of the headset on May 1. Pre-orders will go live on the same day but shipments won't start until some time in June. Price wasn't revealed.

Though the controllers are presently called Knuckles, Valve apparently plans to call them the Valve Index Controllers upon launch. The leaked product page indicates buyers will need at least a quad-core processor and NVIDIA 1070 GPU to power the hardware, but final details may change by launch.