Valheim's long-awaited Hearth & Home update finally gets a release date

Valheim took the gaming world by storm when it launched earlier this year, as it was remarkably well polished and full of content for an early access game. When Valheim launched, its developers revealed a rather ambitious content roadmap that promised multiple major content updates on a rather tight timeline. As it turns out, that roadmap was a little too ambitious and developer Iron Gate had to extend it somewhat, but now we finally have the release date for Valheim's first major post-launch update: Hearth & Home.

Hearth & Home will be launching for Valheim on September 16th. Iron Gate has been teasing Hearth & Home since the early days of Valheim, so this update certainly has a lot of anticipation riding behind it. Unfortunately for us, we don't get to know the full scope of the Hearth & Home update just yet, as full patch notes for the update weren't revealed alongside this release date.

Still, Iron Gate has been publishing plenty of teases over the past several months, and it even shared a couple of new images from the update. Both images reveal a new item that's being added to the game, and while the wooden wolf head attached to the outside of a structure is pretty self-explanatory, it's hard to know what that stove or furnace-type item will be used for without more details from Iron Gate.

The studio also reminded players that it's regularly making new reveals about Hearth & Home over on its YouTube channel. Thus far, Iron Gate has published three videos about Hearth & Home, showing off changes to the food system, health and stamina systems, shields, and blocking system. In addition, it sounds like tower shields are getting a big buff in Hearth & Home, so if you're looking to play through Valheim as a tank, you'll be able to do that a lot more effectively after the update lands.

More about Hearth & Home will likely be revealed over the next few weeks as we get closer to the update's release date. We'll let you know when full patch notes are revealed, so stay tuned for more.