Valeo announces lighting, connected car initiatives at CES

Dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions and intuitive driving technology, Valeo is announcing a series of new products at CES this week meant to ease the stress of driving and enhance our experience behind the wheel. For tech fans, Valeo is rolling out InBlue, a smartphone and smartwatch capable app that serves as a virtual key that operates your car via Bluetooth. Cruise4U might be the backbone for your self-driving car of the future, and Valeo is also introducing some next-gen auto lighting tech.

InBlue is Valeo's answer to the connected car for the everyman. The system is easily installable, according to Valeo, and communicates with your smartphone or smartwatch via a virtual key stored in the device. You can start your car remotely using Bluetooth, and info like gas level is stored in your smartphone or smartwatch via the virtual key. The data remains on your device until you next link with your InBlue-enabled car.

InBlue can also be shared, giving others access to your car at your discretion, all without handing them the keys. According to Valeo, "security is on a level with that of mobile payment systems ", though details on what security protocols it follows are missing. InBlue will be available for installation as early as 2016.

Cruise4U is Valeo's prototype automated driving experience, which they'll show off at CES this week. They will perform their demo in real traffic, too, and say it allows drivers to decide if they want to control the vehicle, or let the automated system take over. Cruise4U is capable of steering, braking, accelerating, and uses laser scanning to gauge nearby obstacles.

BeamAtic is next-generation smart lighting for your car, and could prove itself desirable for all drivers. The LED lights cast a dark spot around oncoming motorists, which allows you to keep your high beams on without blinding others. The result is more visibility, and less angry drivers coming toward you.