Vaja Unveil Leather Catsuits For Your MacBook

The case-lovers over at Gear Diary are weeping drool from their slack mouths like puppies in microwaves at the sight of Vaja's latest line of moulded leather laptop cases.  If I was more Freudian in my leanings then I might wonder whether they're all transferring their desire to be clad in premium Argentinian hide onto their MacBooks, but I'm in a generous mood and will give them the benefit of the doubt.  Either way, man alive these cases are attractive!


As is traditional with Vaja, the i-Volution line can be customised with your choice of colours, and they're also bloody expensive.  If you can do without handles then you're looking at anything from $392, but ask them to strap on a few tawes of leather and it'll be upward of $464.  Still, if you've got the money then I don't think you'd be disappointed.

Vaja i-Volution Shell [via Gear Diary]