V8 Engine made of Legos; no it can't power your car

When I first set eyes on the Lego V8 Engine, I had the same reaction many have. It starts as surprised wonder, then a curiosity as to whether or not an engine made of Legos could actually work and then a realization that that's quite possibly the dumbest thought I've ever had. Even so, you have to admit, this Lego creation is pretty cool.

Apparently, this Lego V8 engine took 4 months to finish. That's a pretty serious undertaking, if you ask me. But even more impressive is this model actually has working parts. Gears turn, the propeller rotates and red LEDs light up and flash.

When you see this thing in action, it's really quite a marvel. This thing is entirely functional, just as a real engine would work, all except for an inability to power anything. It's kind of unfortunate, really, because, I mean, look at it!:

[via SlipperyBrick]