Utah Health Department discovers 750,000 additional stolen records

Yesterday, I mentioned that the Utah Department of Health had been the victim of a hack resulting in the loss of 181,604 Medicaid billing records. A significant amount of those records also resulted in the loss of patient Social Security numbers. Things have now been found to be much worse than originally thought with Utah officials finding hundreds of thousands of more records that were stolen.

An additional 750,000 people have had their personal information stolen by hackers according to Utah state health officials. The officials note that the hackers downloaded thousands more files than the initially believed. In all the officials now believe 900,000 people had the personal data stolen from health department servers.

The information for the additional 750,000 people includes Social Security numbers according to a health department spokesman, and some of the files also contain information required to verify Medicaid coverage. That information includes names, addresses, and other personal details. The server that information was stolen from was improperly configured allowing the hackers access. The attack resulted in the loss of 224,000 files, some of which contain hundreds of individual records.

[via Washington Post]