Utah Department of Health loses over 181k records in hack

Shane McGlaun - Apr 9, 2012
Utah Department of Health loses over 181k records in hack

If you or someone you know in the state of Utah is on Medicaid or CHIP we have some bad news. Apparently, the Utah Department of Technology Services notified the Utah Department of Health that the server hosting Medicaid claims had been hacked. The extent of the damage was announced last week and Utah’s Department of Health lost 181,604 personal information records.

Out of those 181,604 hacked records, 25,096 of those apparently had their Social Security numbers compromised as well. The agencies involved in the hack are cooperating with law enforcement in an investigation. So far the investigation has determined that the hackers were able to access the server on March 30 of this year and are located in Eastern Europe. The hackers made off with 24,000 files in the attack. Each one of those individual files can potentially have claims information on hundreds of individuals adding up to the 181,604 clients.

Information on claims stored on the server can include the name, address, birth date, social security number, physician name, national provider identifiers, addresses, tax identification numbers, and the procedure codes that go along with medical billing. The medical claims information had been moved to the new server and that server had a configuration error at the authentication level that allowed the hackers to get around the security systems. The Utah Department of Technology Services has implemented new security measures and is reviewing every server in the state to be sure they are secure.

[via ZDNet]

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