Users watching more online videos on TVs than computers

With the rapid growth in media-streaming set-top boxes for televisions, it's said that more people are using their TVs to watch online videos instead of their computers. Market research firm NPD Group reported that televisions are now the "primary screen for viewing paid and free video streamed from the Web."

According to their latest survey, 45% of Americans are using their televisions as their primary display for watching online video content, while only 31% said they primarily used their computers to watch online videos. It's almost a scary statistic if you know that just last year, 48% primarily used computers for online videos while just 33% used televisions.

However, it's also not too surprising. The growth of different set-top boxes has led to a new revolution when watching online streaming content. Many companies have their own solutions, including Roku, Boxee, Google, and even Apple. Hard drive manufacturers like Western Digital and Seagate also have set-top boxes of their own.

What's also unsurprising, is that Netflix came out on top as far as the most-used service for watching online content on the television. 40% of consumers use Netflix, while 12% use Hulu Plus, and 4% connect to Vudu. What about you? Have you made the transition to watching online video in the living room instead of on the computer?

[via BGR]