Use the Force Luke, and turn up the volume

If you're looking for another excuse to have a lightsaber lying around, I've got one for you. The lightsaber remote control. Having one of these means you'll have the Jedi's weapon of choice in your living room at all times.

Other than it's appearance, there's really nothing special to see. It's just a universal remote. I think they could have at least had it make sound effects or something. I'll still probably get one anyway. They're slated to come out in September of this year.

Don't bother asking for the remote if you come over to my house though. I'll be sitting in my big chair doing my best Emperor impression. Patting the lightsaber on the arm of my chair asking "you want this?" with an evil grin. Yes, I've been told that I need help, and no, it hasn't done any good.

R2D2 laundry basket [via wonderland]