Use a mouse upside down for only $35!

Thanko is a typical online shop/company that sells some unusual and (few) useful USB contraptions. One of those is the USB Wireless Space Mouse. It is a mouse that can be used upside down and in the air. So if you are too lazy to put the mouse on a flat surface, you can use it in the air. Great!

I don't know what bugs me more: How lazy people have gotten, or the fact that you can use any current mouse, turn it upside down, and it use it, and that you really don't need to be this new mouse. Just try it now with your current mouse.. I don't imagine it would be much better on this "Wireless Space" mouse.

The design of the mouse it just disgusting, and the mouse is pretty large. It weighs 100g wih the batteries that must be added in. It is a wireless mouse that uses an ugly wireless transmitter. You can buy it for $33.17 (I know, pretty unusual number) plus shipping.

USB Wireless Space Mouse [Via: Thanko, Inc.]