USDA reveals two massive beef recalls over E. coli and safety risks

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced two massive beef recalls involving 43,000lbs and 83,000lbs of beef, respectively. The reasons for the two recalls, which were announced within days of each other, differ — one is over the potential risk of E. coli contamination, while the other is over more general safety risks due to a lack of proper inspection.

The most concerning of the two recalls, the one involving 43,000lbs of beef, is over the risk of E. coli contamination, putting individuals who eat these products at risk of becoming ill. The recall comes from Lakeside Refrigerated Services; the products were sold under the Marketside Butcher and Thomas Farms brands.

These recalled products were sold in weights ranging from 1lb to 3lbs; all of them have the establishment number "EST. 46841" on the USDA inspection mark. The beef was distributed to various retailers throughout the United States. There are no reports of illnesses caused by these products, but consumers are advised to throw them away if they've purchased any of this beef.

The second recall involves 83,000lbs of beef, which the USDA says wasn't provided for import re-inspection in the US. This raises safety concerns over the beef and consumers are advised to throw it away if they've purchased any of it. The imports took place on June 2 and June 3 and involved 51.9lbs boxes of various beef cuts, including flap meat, skirt steaks, ribeye roll, top sirloin, and more.

The foreign mark of inspection on these products reads "ESTABLISHMENT 5," according to the USDA, as well as the shipping marks 0627-20 or 0671-20. These steaks weren't distributed nationwide, instead only having been shipped to retailers and food service companies in Texas, Arkansas, and Missouri.