USB WPM Speedometer – it’s a speedometer for your typing speed

James Allan Brady - Feb 28, 2008

If you type a lot during the day, and you like using metrics to track your own personal progress so you can better yourself, this thing might come in handy. Not only does it track the number of words per minute you type (up to 260), but it also tracks your daily word count as a total.

Personally, I think it would be interesting to see how fast I type now compared to when I was in keyboarding class. Furthermore, I am really curious how many words I type each day, I assure you its got to be in the quadruple digits.

There is a second gauge which has an unknown purpose and then the third circle looks to be occupied by a fan or something of that nature. In case you didn’t know, the highest recorded WPM is 212 on a Dvorak keyboard, so you are going to need some practice if you have ambitions of hitting that 260 mark. You only need do three things to use this WPM-ometer, the first is to pay the $39 it costs, the second, connect it via USB to your computer, and the last part is install the included software so it can track everything for you.

[via technabob]

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