USB Turntable grows up, goes Pro; Updated with price

Remember that USB turntable that everyone and his dog was posting about a few months ago (and that, incidentally, SlashGear told you about all the way back in August last year)?  Well, it's a pretty fair bet that if a product is successful there'll come others like it following afterwards; sometimes they're brazen copies, sometimes you're lucky and they bring something new to the party.  Stanton DJ, who specialise in professional DJ and club musical equipment, are claiming to have done just that with their T.90 USB High-Torque Turntable.


So what makes it special?  Well, think of the T.90 as a pro-deck with USB an added bonus.  You get a high-torque, direct drive motor, Key Lock function that allows you to tempo-shift while maintaining the original pitch, S-shaped tone arm and switchable +/- 8-percent or 12-percent pitch control.

Outputs that include USB and S/P DIF should cover most applications, and Stanton include all the necessary software to archive your classic vinyl as WAV or mp3 files and even edit them along the way.

Pricing for the T.90 is yet to be announced. Price has been announced at around $435.Stanton DJ