USB Toys – Homer Simpson Lamp and Hub

Christina Crouch - Nov 27, 2007

I don’t know anyone who can claim to be just “a Simpsons fan”, when it comes that family you’re either a fanatic or clueless. These two Simpsons themed USB toys are just the things to perk up your desk with the Springfield charm.

The Homer Simpson USB Desk Lamp will shed some light on any darkened, non-Simpson-ized area of your workspace. It has 4 LED bulbs and an adjustable neck to you can shine your light in just the right place.

If that isn’t enough Homer for you, you can also purchase the Homer Simpson USB Hub. The hub has 4 ports on it and an animated Homer. With just a press of a button you’ll hear Homer’s familiar “WooHoo!” as he spins around in his chair. What a perfect way to goof off at work, watching Homer goof off at his.

Homer Simpson USB Hub and Lamp [via Everything USB]

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