USB Stress Ball Calms You Down by Letting You Crush Your Email [Video]

Wow, it's been awhile since this little guy showed up here. Long days happen. That's why stress balls exist, we imagine. But, what if you want something a bit more satisfying than just squeezing a ball over and over again? What if you want to crush that latest email from your boss? Or maybe you just don't want to look at those lines of code anymore. We understand where you're coming from, and thankfully, so do the creators of the USB Stress Ball.

Sure, it doesn't look like a ball at all, and you'll probably get a few strange glances if you put this on your desk, but it's probably worth it. The USB Stress Ball is a stress "object," designed to let you release some of that tension you build up throughout the day. It fits in your hand, whether you're left-handed or right-handed, and you can do anything you want to it. Squeeze, pull, twist, or even jab with a finger. It'll take your punishment. But, there's a little surprise in store, too.

If you plug it into your computer, with the included 4-foot of USB cable, whatever you do with your USB Stress Ball will actually be represented on your computer's monitor, too. So, if you've got an email up, plug in your stress ball, give it a hard squeeze, and your email will squeeze dynamically on the screen. Or if you want to twist it apart, go right ahead and do that, and watch as your email, or whatever else you have on the screen at the time, twists into a thin piece of its former self. Check out the video below to see it for yourself. And if you want it, you can buy it right now for only $19.99.

[via ThinkGeek]