New electronic stress ball lets you relieve stress on your computer screen

We all know that the typical workday can get a bit overbearing and stressful at times. That is why every employer should give their employees the gift of virtual stress relief. Now if previous stress relief methods have failed you this one may surprise you.

Similar to punching a pillow when your angry, the traditional stress ball allows you to squeeze, slam and otherwise abuse it in whatever way you choose in order to somehow get rid of the stress your feeling. This oddly shaped stress toy allows you to virtually take your stress out on your computer screen. Go ahead and put a picture of your boss on the screen and give him a good squeeze.

Not only does this work on photos but any other work you are doing at the time. Photoshopping a difficult picture, take your anger out without actually destroying any of your work, just don't get carried away and break it. You may need a traditional stress ball for now as we are not able to get a price or even general release date for this little gadget.