USB Security Lock - A little hardware security for your PC

These days one has to worry about the security of the files kept on their computer. Flash drives are so small and cheap that everyone has half a dozen of them just lying around. If someone has access to your computer, they can easily just pop one into an open USB port and copy over all of your important data. Here is an interesting solution to that problem.

First off, if someone has physical access to your computer, there's a good chance that they will eventually be able to hack their way in. However, if you leave it logged in all the time, then you're just asking for trouble, so you should really log off and keep your PC password protected when you're not around. That being said, you still need a way to prevent people from sticking in their flash drives and dumping important files onto it. I'm sure there are plenty of software security measures you could take, but what about physical ones?

If someone can't plug in a flash drive to begin with, then they are going to have a more difficult time copying your files. This USB Security Lock aims to do just that. It places dummy male USB connectors into your open ports. I would imagine that it would be difficult to remove these without having the tool. Granted, you could probably use a pair of pliers to do the trick, but what data thief walks around with a pair of pliers in their pocket? You can pick one of these up with four USB connectors for $9.99.

USB Security Lock, Like a Bouncer for USB Ports [via everythingusb]