USB Seamour Sheep Lamp Is Radioactive

I'm all for totally useless gadgets and the USB Seamour Sheep Radioactive Lamp falls squarely in that category. And I say that with great admiration. After all, who wouldn't want a lamp in the shape of a sheep that glows radioactive green?



This USB-powered lamp is based on the online comic series, Seamour Sheep and with his green glow, he's sure to attract quite a bit of attention. However, this guy's lazy expression and removable goggles do make him look pretty cool. You can't forget the eye protection after all. But being that he's a radioactive sheep, I don't know how the goggles could help him. But that's beside the point.

My favorite part of this USB lamp is how you turn it off. Lay the lamp on its side and the lights go off. Funny stuff. You can get your own USB Seamour Sheep Radioactive Lamp for $69.

[via Coolest Gadgets]