USB Rechargeable Clip Torch won’t light your fire

James Allan Brady - Nov 27, 2007

Silly people and their weird names, it’s a light, not a torch, as in flame. It charges via USB, and has a hinge allowing it to bend up to 90 degrees in one direction. It also comes with a couple of clips/holsters that will help you put the light where you want it. You could also use it as a keyboard light for your laptop, or even your desktop.

Then again, this combined with a basic USB charger wall plug would make for a small, simple, backup flashlight for if your power ever goes out or there is a storm. For $14 surely you or someone on your Christmas list would have a use for it, even for a flashlight that’s not a bad price, let alone the fact its rechargeable and uses USB.

Rechargeable USB Torch [via GeekAlerts]

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