USB LCD Screen thing wishes it could be a SideShow device

This weird little USB LCD device can display multiple different metrics from your computer, it just so happens that almost all of those metrics have to look like clocks in one way or another. So, I suppose you could start with its ability to tell time using your computer's clock.

It can also display other metrics including processor usage, RAM usage, temperature, all that other jazz that sort of matters. It can't really do anything else, its not touch sensitive, so unless you are constantly having issues of crashing your computer from opening too much garbage, or you have serious issues seeing the clock on your PC, this may not be the gadget for you.

I am sure you could probably hack it fairly easily to do some more useful tasks such as display your chat buddy lists, show media play information, or something like that, but I'm not that enterprising. It might actually already be able to display one of your SideBar Widgets, but no guarantees. Sadly I have no more info about this device such as where to buy it, how much it costs, or if it even actually exists, but I followed the rabbit hole as far as it went and found nothing.

[via Crave]