USB laptop stand cools, swivels, and tilts

Rue Liu - Dec 14, 2006

I’m amazed that my notebook hasn’t exploded yet, considering how hot it gets in less than an hour of use. Laptop stands have become a must for any laptop owner that really uses their laptop in their laps. One to look at is the iDock stand that not only has two built-in cooling fans but also has an adjustable swivel/tilt mechanism for better eye-level positioning to prevent sore necks from bad posture.

The iDock also has four built-in USB 2.0 sockets good for connecting several peripherals. The only things it seems to be missing is some nice padding on the bottom, but I suppose we can add our own pillow of choice for that.

iDock – the cooling, swivelling USB laptop stand [Via: Redferret]

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