USB Keyboard Vacuum Does Wonders

Trae McNeely - Dec 1, 2006
USB Keyboard Vacuum Does Wonders

If you have a laptop or you’re just clumsy with your food you need the USB keyboard vacuum. Gone are the days when you can turn your laptop upside down and shake those small bread crumbs from keys “G” and “H”. Nowadays, laptops and computers are becoming more intricate and trace amounts of food can spell disaster plus it’s just an unwanted sight to see food inside your expensive Christmas present. Of course, USB accessories are nothing new but this won’t leave you broke because it retails for $4.99. Yes, a cheap gadget. I didn’t know they existed but they do.

This product is also ideal for cleaning up around your laptop and it can do wonders as a lent remover I’ve been told. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and your electronics should stay in perfect condition. Simple, practical, affordable gadgets are what attract the masses and I hope you are sucked in.

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