USB headset turns you into a flasher

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Now forgive me if I'm reading too much into this, but was it really such a good idea for LightSnake to suggest sexually-transmitted infections with the name of their new STICHAT USB headset?  Are they trying to imply that this simple USB audio interface would be ideal for discussing genital discharge with a VOIP health hotline?

Weeping sores aside, the STICHAT's momentarily-interesting (and then forever annoying) headline feature is that it lights up when connected and then flashes when carrying audio.  Nice and discreet for coffee shops and the cube farm, eh?  The inline control does allow you to adjust volume or mute, however, and you can unplug the bundled earphones and use your own should you prefer.

Not bad for $19.99, but I'd like to see an option to switch off the flashing light.

LightSnake STICHAT Amazon product page [via Electronista]