USB flash drive cufflinks for the well-dressed geek

There are lots of geeks out there that revel in their geekdom. This is the sort of person who buys all their shirts at ThinkGeek and normal folk go to when their computer needs fixed. Sometimes a geek has to leave the t-shirt behind and get fancied up for events like weddings or court dates for trying to hack your hot neighbors Facebook page.

For these occasions, offers the 2GB USB flash Drive Cufflinks. They look almost normal when closed and worn. Pull the tab and a small and shiny USB flash drive is revealed that you can use to store data. This is something Chuck would wear on a mission.

Each of the flash drive cuff links has 2GB of storage space for a total of 4GB for the pair. There is enough room to engrave the cufflinks and you can get them in silver, gold, or gunmetal finishes for $195 per pair.