USB Battery Charger from Apex

With all of the wireless gadgets we have these days, be it remotes, mice, keyboards, or any number of other things, you're bound to need a lot of batteries. Now if you're a smart shopper, you've mostly got rechargeable batteries. The question always comes up of where to put the charger. Personally, I like to keep mine by the computer. Both my mouse and keyboard use AA's so it's just handy. But, if your office is anything like mine, you've also filled up every outlet, and sometimes find yourself unplugging things that you're not using just to make room for something else.

Apex obviously has people like me in mind because they have developed a battery charger that plugs into your USB port. (No, I haven't filled all of those up yet) Other than plugging in via USB, it's a pretty average charger. It's 2x2 inches and recharges 4 AA or AAA batteries in about 4 hours. This charger will only set you back a mere $12.

Apex USB charger [via ubergizmo]