USB 3.0: A Look At The New Connectors, Speed Boost

Last week we talked about how a demo of USB 3.0 would be coming very soon. Well, it looks like that time has arrived and the first photos of the new connectors have hit the web.

USB 3.0 will be ten times faster than the old USB and will be capable of transferring up to 27GB in a little over a minute.

Another thing that sets USB 3.0 apart from its predecessor is the fact that it contains more "lanes" of data. This means the new connectors will be able to both send and receive data at the same time. As you may recall, previous USB versions could not do this.

The power management is much improved with the new specs as well, making it so devices in standby mode won't drain your laptop battery as much and will even be compatible with USB 2.0 devices. Backward compatibility is always an issue, so I'm glad to see that here. USB 3.0 will also be capability of carrying 900 milliamps, meaning decreased charge times.

[via Maximum PC]