Us2Games breaks down Monument Valley by the numbers

Monument Valley stole the hearts and minds of many in 2014, and with good reason. the fluid gameplay and solid graphics lent way to a delightful storyline that made you want to play. Though the game has little replay value, it's been valuable. The development team behind Monument Valley, Us2Games, have released a breakdown of their year. As you can see below, it was a monumental year for Us2Games. It's also a good look at how much manpower and time go into great apps and games.

Sales were massive. Us2Games sold over 2.4 million copies of Monument Valley, and an additional 575,000 upgrades to Forgotten Shores. The game was also installed on over 10 million unique devices (that includes cross-device installs and Family Share data; it also takes into account unauthorized downloads).

Apple's iOS platform brought in the bulk of the sales, with the team reporting an overall take of $5.86 million. Of that, nearly 82% was from iOS, while just shy of 14% came from Android (seriously, Android users, pay for apps). Amazon made a healthy showing here, too, with 4.3% of the overall sales pie.

The original Monument Valley took 55 weeks in Development, and cost $852,000 to make. The add-on Forgotten Shores cost $549,000 in Development, and took 29 weeks to build. Us2Games says an average of 8 team members helped build the app and add-on.

It's a healthy look at what it takes to build a really solid app, and why sometimes you should drop a few bucks for something that looks the part.

Source: Us2Games