US X-37B space plane is spying on Chinese Tiangong spacelab?

China is entering the space race and has already put its Tiangong 1 unmanned spacelab into orbit successfully. One British publication called Spaceflight thinks that the US may be using the mystery shrouded X-37B spacecraft to shadow the Tiangong, determine, and spy on what the Chinese are doing.

The Spaceflight story presents no direct evidence of spying by the US. There is no clear explanation at this time for what exactly the X-37B is doing in orbit on its missions. The reason for the spying speculation is that the Chinese and US spacecraft are apparently on the same orbit.

Expert Brian Weeden told the BBC that a normal spy satellite orbit would be polar to get access to the entire Earth. The X-37B is apparently in an orbit that gives it access only to the Middle East and Afghanistan. What do you think?

[via NYDailyNews]