US set to launch new $100 bill in February 2011

I can still remember when the new currency bills that are in circulation today with the larger pictures of the presidents launched. At the time all the new security features were supposed to thwart counterfeiters, yet they still counterfeit currency today.

According to the government, the most counterfeited bill outside the US is the $100. To stop counterfeiters, the US is getting a new $100 bill ready with some cool new high-tech 3D security features built-in. The new $100 will go into circulation on February 10, 2011.

The new bills will retain all the security features of existing currency and add some cool new 3D tech to make counterfeiting harder. One of the new security features is a 3-D Security Ribbon. This ribbon is has images of bells and 100s that move and change from one to the other as the bill is moved. A second feature is called Bell in the Inkwell. The bell has special ink that changes color from green to bronze when the bill is moved. The old bills will remain in circulation, which seems to defeat the purpose of launching a new bill to me.