US Postal Service to axe Saturday service

Craig Lloyd - Feb 6, 2013
US Postal Service to axe Saturday service

The US Postal Service already doesn’t deliver on Sundays, and it’s been that way for a very long time. However, the USPS is also axing Saturday delivery as well, completely eliminating all weekend delivery. The company has announced that they will be halting regular Saturday delivery starting August 1, but will still do special deliveries for packages.

Of course, the USPS has been on the brink of defaulting for a while now, experiencing huge losses left and right. The company believes that by cutting out regular Saturday mail delivery, they’ll save a lot of money that will hopefully start putting them in the black. Specifically, the USPS says it will save about $2 billion a year.

Again, they’re only halting normal mail delivery, and will continue to stick with package deliveries on Saturdays. The USPS didn’t lay out their plan on how that will work exactly, but overall, there will be far less Postal Service trucks out on the roads during Saturdays starting in August.

The USPS has been discussing the possibility of switching to five-day delivery for the past couple years now, but it will finally go into affect this year. Approximately 170 billion pieces of snail mail flew through USPS facilities in 2011, which sounds like an insanely large and healthy number, but that’s actually down 22% from five years earlier.

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