US Military tells personnel to avoid public website over gov leaks

There is another leaker following in the footsteps of Edward Snowden, and the military doesn't like what he or she is revealing. The Intercept has been revealing information believed to be from this leaker, and for this reason the military has ordered its personnel to avoid the website, citing security issues.

The information comes from — you guessed it — The Intercept, which has published a redacted screenshot of a memo sent out to military personnel. Military sources are behind the leak, and the reason for the ban is the potential for employees to come across classified information that isn't meant to be public.

Though the letter says that the existence of a new leaker has "no formal validation" as of yet, it is possible workers will come across classified materials if they read the website, and that could cause the personnel "long term security issues." The memo goes on to bluntly state, "This is considered a security violation."

The memo apparently went out to all branches of the military, with the sources saying units in the Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marines were on the receiving end. It seems the website has also been blocked on work networks, with staff reporting they can't access The Intercept while at work.

SOURCE: The Intercept