Edward Snowden isn't the only leaker in town: new source surfaces

Edward Snowden isn't the person who has tasked himself with leaking government secrets, according to U.S. officials that spoke to CNN. The information comes after The Intercept published a story today containing information acquired from a new source that provided national security documents. The identity of the new leaker, however, hasn't been discovered.

The most damning piece of evidence that a new source has surfaced are the documents that were provided to the Intercept — they're from the National Counterterrorism Center and they are dated August 2013. Snowden had already fled from the United States at that point.

Only time will reveal how many documents this new leaker has acquired; CNN points out that the classification of the documents are lower than what was released by Snowden. Some of the documents were classified as "Secret", which are said to be stored on a Pentagon computer system called SIPRNet.

Today's leak discussed the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment, in particular the growth it has seen over recent years. There are vast amounts of numbers revealed, all of which can be read over at the Intercept. Hit up the timeline below for related news.