US Military Granted Access To Special Edition Halo 3 Zune

James Allan Brady - Aug 7, 2007

I know not what the difference between the military edition and the civilian edition are, other than maybe serial numbers. The military edition Halo 3 Zunes are available this month and the first batch shipped out with a group of soldiers leaving from Baltimore Washington.

These particular Zunes are also only available at military a store, which, if I had to guess, means that you have to have a military ID to purchase one. I wonder how many recruiters will use these as recruiting tools. Would have been awesome if they cam in some sort of digital camo or maybe with a special digital camo Zune case, could have been even better if the whole package came in some sort of specially designed ammo canister for storage.

Added bonus’, I am pretty sure stuff purchased on base is “duty free” or tax free, on top of that, they are selling them to the military personnel at a discounted rate too. So, those in the military looking to make a few extra bucks can buy one of these and get an Ebay seller’s account.

Halo 3 Zune US military edition [via joystiq]

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