US iPad users pay sixth highest data rate in the world

All Americans have to do to see that we pay out the nose for data in the US is check our mobile data bill. Wired has put together a nice little chart that puts the fleecing of Americans by AT&T when it comes to data in the harsh light of reality.

The chart looks at the cost of downloading data all around the would and charts those costs. The French get the worst data pricing in the world with a gigabyte of data costing $25.47. The lowest cost for a gigabyte of data on the planet is in Singapore where it costs an average of $0.51 per gigabyte.

Here in the US we are the sixth highest priced market in the world. Americans pay $12.50 per gigabyte for data. Out pals in the UK get much cheaper rates at $7.80 per gigabyte on O2 and Vodafone, $3.90 on Orange, and $2.34 per gigabyte on 3.