US Customs has seized thousands of fake vaccine cards from China

The US Customs and Border Protection agency has announced another shipment seizure involving fake COVID-19 vaccination cards. The shipment was discovered by officers working at a Memphis port; the cards originated from China and were destined for New Orleans, according to the agency. This was, the CBP explains, the latest in many seized shipments involving unauthorized vaccination cards.

The most recent discovery was announced on Friday, but it wasn't the first time agents have intercepted fake vaccine cards in shipments from China, according to the US Customs and Border Protection. The agency revealed that hundreds of these cards are seized on a nightly basis.

The Memphis port alone has seized 121 shipments thus far this year amounting to more than 3,000 fake vaccine passport cards. The agency describes the most recent shipment as low quality, noting that the cards included typos, misspelled words, and unfinished words on both the English and Spanish sides.

The politicization of the COVID-19 vaccine has resulted in a highly polarized society in the US, where an increasing number of businesses are requiring employees and, in some cases, visitors to be fully vaccinated. Online templates featuring the COVID-19 vaccine cards are readily available, as are guides on filling them out.

In light of this, the FBI has warned that using, purchasing, or selling these fake cards is a criminal offense that can result in both a fine and time in prison. This is because the cards feature the CDC's logo and therefore could be considered the unauthorized use of a government seal.