US Army gets an upgrade to its night vision capabilities

The United States Army has released some new footage showing how their new night vision technology functions. The video shows a demonstration of the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binocular (ENVG-B). The upgraded night vision system is part of the Army's efforts to modernize its fighting force.

The video was shared of the night vision system in action via Twitter, which can be seen below. The vision capabilities provided by the night vision system appeared to outline everything in orange and creates a scene that looks like it's outlined in neon. Night vision systems fielded by the Army in the past showed everything in a greenish glow.

The green glow was generated by electrons that travel through a green phosphorus tube. The new tech uses a white phosphorus tube paired with image-enhancing technology. Since it's military hardware, the technology behind the system is a secret. Compared to past night vision systems, contrast and resolution in the images is vastly improved.

The goggles weigh about two pounds, and development happened in the laboratory and in the field using soldier-centered design. Feedback from soldiers was incorporated into the design and function of the ENVG-B system via something the Army calls Soldier Touchpoints.

The U.S. Army says the creation of the ENVG-B system and other Advanced Technology being fielded by the Army signifies an evolution and technology not possible without soldier feedback. Another image of the goggles shows that they can be used on both eyes or only one eye depending on the soldier's needs and can be moved out of the way when not needed in multiple ways. It's unclear when the new goggles might be deployed in the field to active-duty units.