US Airways adding in-flight WiFi to 90% of fleet by end of year

Cory Gunther - Mar 22, 2012
US Airways adding in-flight WiFi to 90% of fleet by end of year

US Airways is continuing strong with their commitment to offer entertainment in-flight and let people tweet, Facebook, watch movies on their iPad and more while traveling. Recently US Airways has announced they are expanding their WiFi services with Gogo in-flight WiFi and it will be available to 90% of their domestic fleet.

In a press release yesterday they’ve stated that the expansion will start with their Airbus A319, A320 and A321 aircrafts, as well as its Embraer 190s and some US Airways Express planes. The expansion and rollout should be starting early this summer and they expect in-flight WiFi to be offered on 90% of all domestic fleets by the end of the year, and every US Airways flight by the end of 2013.

The expansion is said to be using Gogo’s latest air-to-ground technology, ATG-4, which offers the best data speeds and rates, that are much faster than previous offerings. Frequent fliers will be able to use the Gogo WiFi app on their Android smartphones and tablets, as well as the iPhone, iPad, and all the other capable devices. While rates still aren’t the best, and most likely the cause for in-flight WiFi’s slow adoption, we expect prices to start falling as more and more offer the service.

Words with Friends mile high club anyone?

[via PR Newswire]

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