Urbanista Miami offer stylish ANC wireless headphones

Apple's launch of the AirPods Max is basically a challenge to headphone makers, especially premium ones that rely on brand recognition to justify exorbitant prices. Just as the original AirPods ushered in a flood of TWS earbuds, the AirPods Max might inspire the next generation of over-ear cups that promise quality audio experience and stylish designs. Case in point is the new Urbanista Miami from the Swedish manufacturer that tries to deliver exactly that at a third of the price of Apple's new pro headphones.

In terms of audio features, the Urbanista Miami offers the two features that seem to be the most sought after in Bluetooth headphones and even earphones. On the one hand, there's Active Noise Cancellation that shuts out the world so you can enjoy your music or podcasts in peace. At a press of a button, however, you can easily switch to Ambient Sound Mode that lets you be more aware of your surroundings, especially critical safety cues, when you're out and about.

The Urbanista Miami is designed for that mobility in more ways than one. It boasts of 50 hours of battery life, 40 hours if you keep ANC mode on. It also comes with an AUX cable to plugging into other devices or sources that don't support Bluetooth. It even has an airline adapter for when you're confined to your seat while still being mobile in the air.

Of course, most of these features can be found in other wireless headphones but Urbanista is trying to capitalize on the Miami-inspired stylish designs of the gear. In addition to comfort, the headphones also feature the convenience of on-ear detection that will pause and resume what you're playing when you take them off or on, respectively.

The Urbanista Miami comes in four color options of Pearl White or Midnight Black, Ruby Red, and Teal Green. Best of all, the headphones come with a $149 price tag and can be used with Android, iOS, Windows, or any other device that supports a Bluetooth audio connection.