Urbanears Alby and Luma true wireless earbuds will arrive this summer

Consumer audio company Urbanears has revealed two new pairs of true wireless headphones, one more affordable than the other, called Alby and Luma. These models arrive in an increasingly crowded market, one that sprang into existence with the launch of Apple's AirPods and that has since seen a number of additional models with various features offered at a variety of price points.

Urbanears Luma and Alby are similar in style, both featuring a 'stem' design and wireless charging case. The Alby are notable for their silicone ear tips, whereas the Luma model has an earpiece that resembles the one found on a pair of Earpods. The Luma offers longer battery life at up to 25 hours of playback compared to the Alby's 15 hours of runtime.

The Luma model is IPX4 splash-resistant against water, meaning you can safely wear them when it is raining or you're sweating. This model also features dual microphones for taking calls and using personal assistants, plus there's touch control in addition to the voice control. The Alby model likewise features touch and voice controls; the ear tips are offered in three sizes, and there's splash resistance.

Both models will be available in Dusty White, Teal Green, Charcoal Black, and Ultra Violet colors. The Luma exceeds the Alby by featuring detect sensors that cause the earbuds to detect when they're put in or taken out of the user's ears; this is a convenience feature for automatically pausing and resuming the audio without using the controls or phone.

Both models are the same in most ways — you'll make your determination between the two based on battery life, whether you want silicone ear tips, and whether the detect sensor is important to you. As expected, the Alby model is a bit cheaper than the Luma model at $69 USD versus $99 USD. Both options will be available starting this summer.